Friday, July 19, 2019

[Rumor] Postdoc at Michigan State

The Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (CMSE) at Michigan State University anticipates the hire of a postdoctoral researcher in education to study two introductory courses in computational science education. The courses focus on teaching computational modeling, data analysis, and programming. The specifics of the position are being developed, but the researcher would work in CMSE on projects related to understanding student learning and engagement in these courses as well as be able to pursue their own research interests as they pertain to computational science education. The researcher will be supervised by Dr. Devin W. Silvia and will have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Danny Caballero, Dr. Brian O’Shea, and others both inside and outside of CMSE. There may also be opportunities to mentor undergraduate students in projects related to this work.

For more information about this position, contact Dr. Devin Silvia (