Saturday, June 12, 2010

Postdoc at MIT

The Teaching and Learning Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is seeking a postdoctoral associate to work in collaboration with the MIT Office of Minority Education on a project to strengthen the teaching and learning component of Interphase, a rigorous seven-week summer residential program for admitted MIT freshmen (

Interphase's chief goal is to provide students with an academic, personal, and community base from which they can build successful careers at MIT. One facet of the program focuses on increasing students' mastery of calculus, physics, and chemistry. The TLL postdoctoral associate will work specifically with instructors in physics to: (1) Identify pivotal concepts and misconceptions in introductory physics; (2) design curricula that teach those concepts and address the misconceptions; and (3) develop hands-on activities, worksheets, problem sets, and/or exams that complement the curricula. Responsibilities may also include the development of an assessment protocol to evaluate new curricula and pedagogy.

This is a one-year appointment beginning September 1, 2010. Requirements: A recent Ph.D. or Ed.D. in science or engineering education. Background in assessment and evaluation a plus, as is teaching experience in science or engineering at the college level.