Friday, July 21, 2017

Rumored: PhysPort Postdoc, Kansas State University (remote option)

Kansas State University is hiring a postdoctoral research associate for a new project to study the use and impact of by physics faculty, and to determine ways to increase its effectiveness. PhysPort is an online professional development resource that supports physics faculty in implementing research-based teaching and assessment in their classrooms by providing expert recommendations, based on Physics Education Research (PER). The goal of this project will answer the following research questions:
1. How do physics faculty use PhysPort?
2. What is the impact of PhysPort on teaching practice for both faculty and departments?

As a postdoc, your work may include observing and interviewing interviewing physics faculty, performing phenomenographic and statistical analyses, preparing research results for publication and presentation, assisting with supervising students, and assisting with designing changes to PhysPort based on research results. You will work closely with Ellie Sayre (PhysPort Research Director, Kansas State University), Sam McKagan (PhysPort Director, American Association of Physics Teachers), Adrian Madsen (PhysPort Assistant Director, American Association of Physics Teachers), and a team of researchers at Kansas State University and AAPT.

This position is based at Kansas State University, but involves close collaboration with a geographically distributed team and we will consider hiring someone who would work remotely.

We are passionate about the professional development of our postdocs. You will receive training on research, writing papers and grant proposals, user-centered design, and working with a team.

Preferred qualifications:
  • PhD/EdD in STEM field or physics/science education
  • Enthusiastic learner
  • Passion for improving the state of physics education at the university level
  • Successful research record and the ability to conduct independent research
  • Ability to listen and draw out people’s experiences and perspectives (e.g. in the context of interviews)
  • Ability to communicate effectively with physics faculty
  • Experience with research into faculty/teacher change, instructional change, institutional change, and/or faculty/teacher professional development
  • Experience with qualitative research including interviewing and video analysis
  • Experience with statistics
  • Strong communication and writing skills and a willingness to improve them
  • Strong time management and organizational skills and a willingness to improve them
  • Ability to work with a geographically distributed team
We realize that no one person has all of these preferred qualifications; a successful candidate might have some of them. If you are interested in this position, we encourage you to apply, or at least contact us with questions.

If you have any questions about the project or the position, please contact Ellie ( or Sam (