Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TT at Geneva College (PA)

Geneva College invites applications for a tenure track faculty position in Physics. This position begins August 2012 and will remain open until filled. Minority and female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.


The Physics Department seeks a faculty member with excellent teaching skills who is able to handle a wide variety of physics courses offered to student audiences with diverse academic background and interest. The successful candidate will ultimately share in decisions regarding the direction of the physics curriculum both as a service to other disciplines and for the physics major.


Responsible for providing quality instruction in Physics to students through well prepared classes, relevant assignments, fair and holistic assessment of learning, clear documentation of student progress.

Selected candidates will be expected to:

Teach assigned courses from the following areas: physics courses (Introductory Calculus-based Physics and the accompanying lab as well as upper-level physics courses including Modern Physics, Optics, Acoustics, and Classical Mechanics) and possibly courses in math and/or engineering.
Adequately prepare all course materials and lessons
Develop and maintain laboratory experiments
Provide each student with clear course expectations, evaluations and timelines through carefully written topical outlines and approved, standardized syllabus
Provide interesting and relevant assignments for students that demonstrate learning outcomes in a real-life setting
Suitably challenge, engage serve and communicate with students to encourage their participation and learning while maintaining mutual value and respect
Mentor physics majors in undergraduate physics research
Complete grade books, final grade sheets, learning assessments and final exam assessments on a timely basis
Respond to student questions on a timely basis
Ensure course and program learning outcomes are delivered as defined by the syllabus
Provide academic advising to physics majors
Personal Qualities

Christian Commitment

The Physics Faculty member must be a thoughtful and articulate Christian and an active member of a Protestant evangelical church. Preference will be given to candidates who support and have an articulate understanding of the Reformed faith. The individual must understand and support the College’s “Foundational Concepts of Christian Education” by expressing an evangelical Christian profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to integrate a Christian perspective in their work.