Thursday, July 28, 2016

Instructional Lab Manager, Boise State MT

Physics Instructional Laboratories Manager - (160395)

Position Overview:

The Instructional Laboratories Manager (ILM) collaborates with the Director of Instructional Laboratories (DIL) and physics faculty members to design (or re-design) instructional physics labs and to supervise the implementation of lower-level physics laboratories. The ILM coordinates with the DIL and the Advanced Laboratories Manager (ALM) in the management, setup, and take-down of lower-level labs.  This position provides technical support for lower-level physics labs, including PHYS 101, PHYS 104, PHYS 105, PHYS 111, PHYS 112, PHYS 211L, PHYS 212L, plus PHYS 309L. In conjunction with the DIL and the COAS System Administrator, the ILM is responsible for installation and maintenance of information technology hardware and software used in instructional laboratories; this includes printers, projectors, computers, and their peripherals. The organization and maintenance of lecture demonstration equipment as well as collaboration in designing and finding new equipment with faculty are also managed by this position, in addition to the management of the physics department stockroom and other general storage spaces.  The ILM supervises several student employees to carry out the actual setup and takedown of instructional physics laboratories.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinate operations of instructional labs and train instructors:
Manage the setup, check operation, and take down apparatus for the upper-level labs
Supervise part-time student employees to do the same for the introductory labs
Conduct training sessions to show instructors and assistants how to use the equipment
Coordinate lecture demonstrations:
Manage and schedule demonstration activities in consultation with instructors
Lead demonstration training sessions for instructors and assistants
Maintain equipment, update software, and recommend purchases:
Carry out routine maintenance of laboratory and demonstration equipment
Arrange the repair of broken equipment by the Scientific Instrumentation Shop
Make or supervise software updates for the laboratory computers
Recommend purchases of new equipment and computer software
Organize workspaces, keep inventories, and maintain supplies:
Organize and maintain the stockroom plus all instructional lab and demonstration areas
Set up and maintain a web-accessible directory of demonstrations, experiments, and equipment available in the department according to Physics Instructional Resource Agent (PIRA) standards
Keep the department equipment inventory
Coordinate equipment checkout and return
Order new consumable materials such as batteries and chemicals as needed
Design and construct additional apparatus as requested by faculty
Directly supervise any assistants using machinery for this purpose
Work with the Scientific Instrumentation Shop for sophisticated apparatus
Please upload a cover letter and resume to your application. Must apply by August 2, 2016 to be considered.


Minimum Qualification (Including Certificates and Licenses):
Bachelor’s degree in Physics or equivalent plus 0-1 yr experience in the following:
Physics laboratory set-up/take-down experience
Strong organizational and inventory control skills
Physics knowledge at bachelor’s degree level or above
Strong interpersonal skills
Basic electronics experience
Networked computer expertise
Physics laboratory teaching experience
Preferred Qualifications:
Prefer a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and at least 1 year of relevant experience.

Primary Location: ID-Boise
Job: Academic Programs (Professional)
Schedule: Regular
Employee Status: Full-time