Monday, July 9, 2012

Senior Educational Strategist: University of British Columbia

Science Centre for Learning and Teaching at the University of British Columbia is accepting applications for a Senior Educational Strategist to support the ongoing activities of the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight) in providing pedagogical support to faculty and administrators. The details of the job posting is provided below.

The deadline for application is July 13th, 2012. If you’re interested in applying, please do so through the UBC central website: and go to staff postings. The job ID is 13420.  

Organizational Status
Reports to the Associate Dean, Teaching and Curriculum.

Work Performed
-Provide pedagogical support to faculty and administrators through consultation, classroom observations, committee work, etc. 
-Support faculty in their professional development in achieving excellence in the area of teaching and learning thorough workshops, one-on-one consultations, and in support of planning, designing and implementation of best teaching practices and resources and measuring the effectiveness of such interventions. 
-Plan, design and develop new initiatives/programs/courses  to enhance teaching and learning. 
-Develop and execute comprehensive assessment and evaluation plans for new initiatives/programs/courses to enhance teaching and learning and to influence decisions associated with the design, implementation and delivery of curriculum and programs. 
-Engage in evidence-based scholarly activities in teaching and learning that align with the objectives in the Science Dean's Office/Departments/Programs/Courses.  
-Develop proposals to secure funding as a PI or co-PI for educational programs in collaboration with faculty to improve teaching and learning. 
-Manage education projects including budgets. 
-Prepare Behavioural Research Ethics Applications (i.e. BREB Applications). 
-Execute funded/unfunded science education projects to improve teaching and learning. 
-Support faculty development through dissemination of the research findings at conferences, through publications in peer-reviewed journals and at other venues such as workshops. 
-Prepare project budgets. 
-Recruit, train and supervise staff for projects. 
-Collaborate with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and other campus instructional support units as well as other institutions as necessary to enhance teaching and learning.

Supervision Received
Works under general direction.  Work is reviewed in terms of conformance with established standards and specific objectives.

Supervision Given
Supervises work study students and 12 month lecturers when required.

Consequence of Error/Judgement
Errors could seriously impair the public image of the Faculty and may impact the reputation of the University. Lack of effort and/or poor judgment would result in lack of appropriate and timely information available on the Faculty website for faculty and students

Master's degree in Education.  PhD and Science degree preferred.  Minimum of six years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.  Experience in curriculum development.  Teaching experience would be an asset.  Must have excellent writing and verbal communication skills.   Must be able to give effective presentations. Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision Ability to instruct and provide training in pedagogical best practices. Ability to initiate and conduct research projects. Must have knowledge of current pedagogical research and best practices in teaching Must have good management and organization skills. Ability to analyze and interpret data, determine implications, and provide recommendations Must have good assessment and evaluation skills. Ability to lead change by creating a vision and taking appropriate action to ensure acceptance and support Ability to deal with a diversity of people in a calm , courteous, and effective manner Must have experience with MSWord, Excel, Powerpoint.