Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HS teacher at Tsinghua International School

Tsinghua International School


Tsinghua International School, located on the campus of Tsinghua University, is a grade 1-12 school with approximately 370 students providing a unique educational experience.  The school utilizes a progressive/inquiry based, American approach to instruction coupled with a decidedly Eastern influence.
Position Description
We are seeking a certified Physics teacher who understands and utilizes an Inquiry Based approach to teaching Science.  This individual must be willing to work cooperatively with other staff members as well as parents.  The instructor will teach a high school Physics class, two Grade 8 Physical Science classes and will develop a robotics program at the middle school level while teaching a STEM related Robotics elective course in the high school. While most responsibilities are delineated below the individual must be flexible and willing to lend a hand when and where needed.

Provide a nurturing, caring and supportive environment for students.
Utilize inquiry methods of instructions at least 75% of the time while focusing instruction on the new Common Core Science Standards.
Teach a high school Physics elective course.  Students taking this course have completed a ninth grade inquiry based First Physics course.
Teach a middle school Grade 8 Physical Science course using the inquiry, hands on CPO science books and equipment/materials.
Teach a high school level LEGO robotics program with the involvement of other staff members.
Develop and work with Middle School students on a LEGO Robotics program that will be embedded in their course work and continued as an after school program.  The middle school component will also involve communication and planning with a middle school near Pittsburgh, PA.
Write and implement units of instruction that involve the Understanding by Design (backward design) format.
Reinforce Literacy and Mathematics skills while teaching science concepts.
Work with the ESL students within the regular class while maintaining an English only classroom and collaborating with the ESL teacher.
Maintain a strong positive and informative relationship with parents.
Prepare for and participate in all parent conferences.
Lead an after school robotics club for middle school students.
Participate actively in staff meetings and accreditation committee meetings some of which are held after school.
Actively engage in professional development during school sessions as well as during the normal school day.
Occasionally cover a class for a colleague.
Participate and/or lead school special events that may occur in the evenings and/or weekends.
Participate in the Science Fair and provide guidance to students as they prepare Science Fair projects.
Coordinate instruction with other departments when possible.
Native-level English Fluency
Bachelor’s degree in Physics or Mechanical Engineering
State or Provincial Certification as a Physics Teacher., generally an MED.
Minimum of two years teaching experience at the high school or middle school level.
Experience working in an Inquiry Based Science environment.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Salary and Benefits

Annual salary based on experience and ranges between $30,000 and $48,000 with an additional $600 for a Master's Degree.
$560 per month toward housing; $721 the second year.
$3,200 toward Health Insurance.
$80 per month added in to cover part of the taxes taken.
A flight to Beijing. Teachers are picked up at the Beijing airport by our staff and transported to the dorm where they may stay for up to 3 weeks without charge while looking for an apartment.
A flight home after school ends in June and after completing the terms of the contract.
School pays for the work visa and Heath Check.  The Health Check takes place in Beijing after arrival.
The school will provide an orientation to the school and Beijing for new employees.  The orientation will include assistance in finding a suitable apartment.
To Apply:

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