Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Non-TT at Texas A&M

The Physics and Astronomy Department at Texas A&M University is undergoing a major effort to renovate and modernize its curriculum, particularly of the service courses. The department is committed to incorporate new modern pedagogy approaches developed in top PER groups over the nation. In addition we are having a large increase in the undergraduate population that we will be serving.

In the Fall of 2013 our service courses will incorporate inversion of classrooms, active engagement (clicker questions), context rich problems, common exams, and pre- and post- concept inventory test for continuous assessment. A larger coordination of all the large service courses and a stronger engagement of our physics majors will also be part of this renovation.

To create a sustainable change we have two new lecturer positions that we hope to fill from interested graduates from the top PER programs. The successful candidates will share on the leadership of organizing and creating these changes. In large part, where this program will lead and what position will have within the country would be credited to them and it can serve as a wonderful challenge and test site for sustainable cultural change.

I am contacting you in the hopes that you can recommend some interested candidates and to contact me as soon as possible. This positions will start this Fall semester and therefore we have some time constraints issues. Although non-tenured, all our lecturers (two) have been in this department since they arrive and are in effect long term positions and they would have strong leadership positions within the direction of the undergraduate program. The salary is between $6000-6500/month depending on qualifications besides the usual generous benefit packages of major universities.

Please share this information with any possible candidates you know or forward me directly their contact information.

Jairo Sinova