Thursday, May 16, 2013

Physics and Astronomy lecturers at Ocean County College, NJ


The College Lecturer II will execute teaching responsibilities, student service responsibilities and administrative responsibilities under the direction of the Dean of the School. These administrative responsibilities will include evaluation and classroom observations of both full-time and adjunct teaching effectiveness, and the collection and evaluation of data and teaching materials related to Writing across the Curriculum, Learning Assessments and Program reviews.


A. Master's degree in applicable discipline
B. Two years teaching college level courses
C. Teaching experience to include courses aligned with discipline
D. Demonstrated knowledge of modern technology and its use in the classroom
E. Strong interpersonal and communication skills
F. Demonstrated ability to provide diverse teaching methods and learning styles
G. Demonstrated excellence in teaching and the ability to teach students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds

A. Experience in distance education.
B. Teaching at a community college
C. One year experience evaluating teaching effectiveness
D. One year experience conducting classroom observations
E. One year experience working with budget management and grant writing
F. One year experience working on program development for a Planetarium
G. One year experience working with other faculty members and administrators, overseeing curriculum and extra-curriculum activities that utilize a Planetarium as a resource for students and the community
H. Willingness of co-chairing the advisory committee for the College's Planetarium
I. One year experience working with advertising and marketing for a Planetarium
J. One year experience supervising staff


Professional Duties:
A. Teach classes with the following credit assignments;
a.Fall Semester: twenty-one (21) credits
b.Spring Semester: twenty-one (21) credits
c.Summer Sessions: six (6) credits in the summer terms
d.variations or shifts of these credits may apply at the discretion of the Dean
B. Hold seven (7) office hours per week in the fall and spring semesters and three (3) per week in summer sessions
C. Advise students
D. Participate in:
a.Student learning outcomes and assessment activities
b.Accreditation activities
c.Discipline and school meetings
E. Active involvement with student engagement through;
a.The use of individual and group student discussion meetings
b.Regularly scheduled student tutoring and advising sessions
c.Student community service opportunities and learning through development, recruitment, supervision of students involved in service learning and community service opportunities
F. Effectively partner with Dean of Adjuncts to support the adjunct community with emphasis on conducting classroom observations, teaching evaluations, mentorship and recruitment of adjunct faculty
G. Perform classroom observations and teaching effectiveness evaluations of adjunct faculty
H. After two (2) years of service, perform classroom observations and teaching effectiveness evaluations of full time tenured and non-tenured faculty members, this time frame may be reduced if appropriate prior experience is demonstrated
I. Collect and evaluate data and teaching materials, including but not limited to, Writing Across the Curriculum, Learning Assessment, and Program Review
J. Author drafts of reports under the direction of the School Dean
K. Participate in curriculum development and revision
L. Develops programs for the College's Planetarium by working with the Advisory Committee and by co-chairing the Advisory Committee
M. Assists the administration in developing the Planetarium annual budget
N. Assists in marketing and advertising for Planetarium programs
O. Assists in grant applications
P. Performs other professional duties as directed and/or approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs (M.E.)

Application Information

Contact: Ms. Bridget Everett
Human Resources
Ocean County College
Phone:  732-255-0336 
Fax: (732) 255-0516
TDD:  732-255-0424 
Online App. Form: