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FT, Navajo Tech, NM

POSITION: Assistant Professor of Physics
DEPARTMENT: Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology
DUTY: Nine (9) Months per Academic Year
REPORTS TO: Department Chair or Dean

Instructs and facilitates a meaningful and effective learning experience of the course competencies in the classroom, fieldwork, and laboratory settings. Position is subject to all terms and provisions of the NTU faculty contract.

This position description indicates in general the nature and levels of work, knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities required or assigned to this position.


Selects, prepares, and maintains current curriculum, course outlines, and printed and non-printed instructional materials. Selects and orders course books and materials.
Develops and maintains a classroom environment conducive to effective learning. Encourages student success.
Preparing lesson plans which incorporate varied instructional techniques, multi-media, integration strategies designed to meet the educational, multisocial and emotional needs of the students.
Instructs students in field of study.
Takes, maintains, and submits attendance reports.
Provides assistance to students regarding up-to-date information on degrees or certificates in their educational program.
Maintains accurate files on each advisee, refers students when appropriate to sources of specialized services within the University.
Sets up, plans and supervises work of students, individually or in small groups, in shop or laboratory.
Designs tests and evaluates achievement of students.
Takes all necessary and reasonable safety precautions to protect students, materials, equipment and facilities.
Provides assessments in regard to performance measures.
Maintains a current and accurate inventory of all equipment, tools, and supplies.
Evaluates student progress on a regular basis, including progress reports and grades.
Provides feedback on work and assignments to students.
Participates and provides opportunities for students in community service initiatives or projects.
Provides accurate and timely reports as requested.
Assists in program reviews and accreditation guidelines with regard to student academic achievement and their success on outcomes.
Participates in and develops efforts to recruit and retain students.
May conduct research in field of study.
Identifies grant opportunities. Prepares and submits proposals.
May be advisor to student clubs.
Holds regular office hours to assist students.
Seeks and assists students in obtaining internships.
Collaborates with colleagues to share experience and knowledge.
Attends and participates in faculty meetings, career and technical education meetings, and other meetings and committees as required.
Maintains confidentiality of all privileged information.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Supervises students during laboratory work.
Ph.D./Terminal/Master's Degree in Physics or a related field.
Three years teaching experience in field of study.
Professional excellence, community service and/or publication.
Valid and clean state driver's license.
Must be able to pass background check, with NO prior convictions of any felonies and no history of child abuse and/or neglect.
The Navajo Nation Preference in Employment Act applies to all hiring, promotions or transfers of individuals into this position.

Knowledge of applicable federal, state, county and local laws, regulations, and requirements.
Knowledge of field of study.
Knowledge of techniques and practices in field.
Knowledge of University policies and procedures.
Knowledge of instructional policies and procedures.
Skill in operating computers and office machines.
Ability to write reports and business correspondence.
Ability to organize and express ideas, directions, and data in a logical sequence to describe a process, or explain procedures such as how to perform a task to students.
Ability to present materials effectively to individual students or groups.
Ability to manage interpersonal conflict situations requiring tact, diplomacy and discretion.
Ability to work independently and meet strict time lines.
Ability to oversee the work of students.
Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with the individuals of varying social and cultural backgrounds.
Ability to communicate effectively in the Navajo and English language.
While performing the duties of this job, the employee frequently sits stands, walks, bends, stoops, and squats.
Uses hands for dexterity of motion, repetitive movement of both hands.
Have excellent auditory, visual acuity, and verbal communications skills.
The employee must occasionally lift and carry up to 25 pounds.
Work is typically performed within an office, classroom or laboratory.
Tight time constraints and multiple demands are common.
Evening and/or weekend work may be required. Extended hours and irregular shifts may be required.


Postal Address: W. Anthony Major, Interim HR Director
Human Resources
Navajo Technical University
P.O. Box 849
Crownpoint, NM 87313
Phone: (505) 786-4109
Fax: (505) 786-5644
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Email Address:
To reaffirm the College’s commitment to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. It is the intent of Navajo Technical College to ensure that all applicable rules and regulations of the Navajo Preference in Employment Act is carried out and enforced as it relates to the Affirmative Action Regulations of the Navajo Nation Tribal Code.


A. The Navajo Technical College reaffirms its commitment to equal employment opportunity as stated in its policy of 1979. The College seeks to employ qualified individuals regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, or presence of any disability. Equal employment opportunity is considered by the Navajo Technical College to include all aspects of employment, recruitment, selection, hiring, training, promotion, pay benefits, leave transfers, ad terminations. To further equal employment opportunity, all employment decisions will be made on this principle.

The Affirmative Action Program of the College seeks to include protected groups in all categories of its work force and in its education programs. The success of these efforts will benefit employees and enhance the College as an educational and service institution.

Traditionally the best qualified applicants have been hired and promoted. However, Federal Affirmative Action guidelines/interpretations now provide to hiring from a top group of applicants. Therefore, supervisors are encouraged to hire and promote the Colleges’ goals to correct under-utilization of minorities and/or women in the College work force. The purpose is to help departments and the College meet their Affirmative Action goals.

B. Responsibility for equal employment opportunity and affirmative action throughout the College rests with the President. The President has appointed the Director of Human Resources to administer the College Affirmative Action Program. Deans, department heads, and supervisory personnel are directly responsible for the implementation of the College policy and procedures regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action in their units and in meeting affirmative action/equal opportunity commitments.

C. It is the responsibility of the Director of Human Resources to identify problem areas by organizational departments and job groups; to establish, promote, and encourage progress in meeting affirmative action goals and timetables; to insure compliance with the college policy concerning equal opportunity and affirmative action; and to keep the President appraised.

D. The Navajo Technical College will continue to work cooperatively with appropriate federal and state agencies and community organizations which share its affirmative action and equal employment opportunity objectives.

Navajo Technical College is an equal opportunity institution providing educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability. Inquiries concerning the above, including the application of the Title VI, Title IX, or Sec. 504, may be referred to the College, to Director of Human Resources, P.O. Box 849 Lower Point Road 371 Crownpoint, New Mexico, Ph# 505-786-4110.