Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TT, Allegany College of Maryland


Physics Faculty, Tenure Track
Open Date: 12/7/2016
Reports To: Division Chair
Close Date: 2/28/2017   The selection committee will begin reviewing candidates on February 1, 2017
Position Term: 9 Months
Education Required: Masters
Application Review Date: 2/1/2017
Anticipated Start Date: 8/1/2017
Position Type: Full-Time Regular
Salary: 36,394  -  46,894
Basic Statement of Responsibilities:
The teacher is responsible for teaching students through formal and informal classroom and/or laboratory/clinic activities in an atmosphere compatible with the philosophies, goals and objectives of the college.
Education / Specialized Skills:
The teacher is primarily responsible for teaching lecture and laboratory sections of 100 and 200 level physics and physical science courses. Courses including science education, biology and chemistry labs may be necessary to complement teaching load. The teacher is responsible for the budgeting, purchasing of equipment/specimens, preparation and maintenance of the physics lab.
Primary Responsibilities:
The Classroom/Laboratory teacher is responsible for the following tasks and duties.

    A.  Teaching

          1.  Teach as a full-time faculty member at least 30 semester hours or its equivalent each academic year, (summer teaching could count towards this load).

           Full-time teaching contracts include the right of the college to assign the courses to be taught, as recommended by the Program Director/Division Chair and as approved by the Vice-President of Instructional Affairs.  For full-time faculty appointed in FY94 and beyond, such assignments will include a combination of campus sites, specifically the Pennsylvania Centers and other off-campus sites.  Also, faculty hired beginning FY94 will teach courses using the distance learning technology as scheduled.

          2.  Plan and conduct classes and/or laboratory periods in a manner that will achieve maximum learning.

          3.  Distribute, at the beginning of each semester, a syllabus following the standard Allegany College of Maryland format.

          4.  Meet all scheduled classes and/or labs or, if unable to do so because of emergency or illness, notify the Program Director/Division Chair and/or the Vice President in an attempt to get class coverage or to cancel class(es). Lectures/labs must meet the full and appropriate amount of time as specified in COMAR and departmental operating procedures.

          5.  Reconcile class rosters with those students in the class or lab.  Report discrepancies to the Registration Office.

          6.  Submit mid-semester and final semester grades to the Registration Office by the specified deadlines.

         7.  Participate in the faculty evaluation process.

          8.  Update course material as necessary and incorporate these changes in a revised syllabus submitted to the Vice President's office.

B.  Advising

1.  Serve as an academic advisor; assist in the registration process by helping students in a learner centered educational philosophical model.

2.  Evaluate the assigned advisee's transcript(s) and help the student to identify his/her educational goal(s).

3.  Review student's Graduation Evaluation Report to ensure that graduation requirements have been or will be met.

4.  Maintain office hours a minimum of three hours per week.

5.  Work with the Student Services staff in student related matters.

C.  Professional Development

1.  Keep informed of trends, developments, and research in one's own field of study.  Utilize such information as appropriate in the classroom/lab.

2.  Pursue further education on a formal basis and/or on an informal basis.

3.  Attend professional meetings, workshops, and seminars as appropriate.  Membership in professional organizations and making presentations at meetings are encouraged.

4.  Strive to improve teaching effectiveness and advising in a learner-centered educational model.

5.  Demonstrate through teaching, scholarship, and public statements a positive image that reflects on the professional stature of the college.

6.  Adhere to the Code of Ethics in the Professional Staff Handbook.

D.  Division/Program Responsibilities

1.  Attend and participate in division/program meetings.

2.  Serve proactively on division/program committee(s).

3.  Assist in the development of division/program long range plans and goals.

4.  Assist in accreditation and assessment strategies.

5.  Assume some division/program administrative responsibilities if delegated.

6.  Communicate ideas for improving the division/program; grant writing

 7.  Serve as requested, on the division's/program's Advisory Committee.

8.  Purchase equipment and maintain labs, set up labs for classes.

E.  College Governance/Contribution to the College

1.  Cooperate with other members of the college to assure maximum effectiveness in the attainment of the college's goals and objectives.

2.  Must serve on one standing committee and one of the following: Adhoc committee, Task Force, or special project or a second standing committee.

3.  Participate in College Staff meetings and/or workshops.

4.  Attendance at Faculty Association meetings is encouraged.

5.  Become familiar with key documents of the college, such as Professional Staff Handbook, Academic Regulations, Student Handbook, etc.

6.  Participate in Spring Commencement Exercises unless excused by the President.

F. Contribution to the Community (Suggested representative activities)

1.  Presentations at or organization of seminars, programs, conferences, workshops, etc.

2.  Continued education contributions

3.  Volunteering at community activities

4.  Service on civic committees, boards, youth organizations, and church involvement

5.  Other

G. Other tasks as appropriate that may be assigned by the Chairman/Director

Job Knowledge:
The teacher must have a minimum of one year prior teaching experience in Physics  in a two-year or four-year post-secondary Institution.

Math Skill Needed:
Successful completion of college level- calculus sequence; routine computer applications (Microsoft office, email, web navigation)
Physical Effort Required:
loads of up to 50 pounds; driving license required.
Additional Comments:
Salary depends on education and experience