Tuesday, April 18, 2017

FT at Wiley College

Teach physics courses, approximately 12 semester hours per semester.
Prepare course materials and perform other activities which are related to and meet the requirements of the course each semester. Conduct evaluations of student's performance and assign grades on the basis of such evaluations. Keep records of student attendance and grades according to college policy. Responsible for the development and revision of course contents, textbook, instructional materials and teaching assignments or scheduling. Provide students with academic and career advisement and assistance in transferability as appropriate. Serve on departmental, divisional and college committees as needed to assist in policy development and other matter to benefit the College. Participate in professional organizations to maintain professional skills. Maintain appropriate office hours. Participate in assessment activities. Participate personally and encourage student participation in College programs. Participate in registration and advisement process. Contribute to and performs research. May perform, with the Dean's approval, outside recruiting of faculty, staff, and most of all students. May perform related activities assign by the dean. Be knowledgeable regarding current AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) strategies for teaching effectiveness.

Application: http://www.wileyc.edu/d/HRforms/Wiley%20College%20Application.pdf