Monday, January 9, 2012

Instructor at Coast Community College

Campus: Orange Coast College
Department: OCC\IS\Math&Sci
Shift: Regular
Job Category: Faculty
Work Calendar: 2 Semester
Job Close Date: 02-24-2012
Performance Responsibilities:

1. Teach introductory courses in astronomy (lectures and laboratories), honors astronomy and separate courses in planetary, stellar, and cosmology.
4. Participate in the Astronomy Department Program review cycle every three years
5. Propose new curriculum and update and revise current curriculum
6. Participate in departmental, division, college committees and public viewings on a regular basis.
7. Maintain office hours and be an advisor to the Astronomy Club.
8. Teaching assignment may include, evenings, weekends and /or early mornings.

Minimum Qualifications:

Faculty/Educational Administrators complete the Equivalency Application only if you do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position you are applying to, and you wish to be considered.

1. Must meet one of the following qualifications under (a) through (d):
a. Possess the California Community College Teaching Credential for this subject area.
b. Possess a Master's degree from an accredited institution in physics, astronomy, or astrophysics.
c. Possess a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in physics or astronomy AND a Master's degree from an accredited institution in engineering, mathematics, meteorology, or geophysics.
d. Or, possess a combination of education and experience that is at least the equivalent to the above. Candidates making an application on the basis of equivalency must submit an Application for Equivalency in addition to all other required materials.
2. Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Desired Qualifications:

1. Experience teaching introductory astronomy and lab at a community college and/or four year institution.
2. Understanding of pedagogy in science
3. Experience in budget issues, such as equipment repairs and budget projections for the department.
4. Experience with the development of online courses in astronomy.
5. Ability to instruct in both traditional class size and large group setting
6. Experience with setting up and dismantling of 10-14 inch SC telescopes and observing techniques as part of a lab or observing project.
7. Knowledge of Solar Telescopes for lab class.
8. Experience in a Planetarium setting and public outreach.
9. Evidence of sensitivity to the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of college students.

Conditions of Employment:
Contract (tenure track), full-time, two semesters per year.
Location: Orange Coast College
Start Date: Fall semester, August 2012
Required Supplemental Questions

When you apply for this position, you will be required to answer these questions. In addition to the certificated application, you will be required to attach and/or copy and paste additional required application materials. Please have required documents ready before applying. (Required)

Any documents that you are unable to attach can be faxed to (714) 782-6065. Faxes must clearly indicate the job you are applying to and your name.For additional help, please call Applicant Processing at (714) 438-4715, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Salary Range:
Full-time, two-semester position with a maximum starting range of $46,037.00 - $78,490.00 is offered, based on the 2011-2012 Salary Schedule of $46,037.00 to $109,761.00. In addition, an annual stipend of $2,781.00 is offered for possession of an earned doctorate from an accredited institution.

Pay Philosophy:
Starting salaries for academic positions are based on a combination of education and experience. Initial placement is within the starting salary range. Further advancements are based on longevity and professional development. An additional annual stipend is offered for possession of an earned doctorate from an accredited institution.

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