Monday, January 16, 2012

Professorship at Winona State University (MN)

Editor's note: It's not clear whether this position is tenure-track

Job Description:
  • Teach and develop undergraduate physics courses for both the Physics major and General Education.
  • Maintain office hours and comply with other requirements as written in the Master Contract (see below).
  • Develop, conduct and supervise projects and research activities with undergraduates.
  • Advise and mentor physics majors.
  • Provide service to the university and community in those areas commensurate with expertise.
  • Assist in recruiting students to the university and to the physics department.
  • Continuing professional development.

Minimum Qualification(s):

Ph.D. in Physics (or documentation of completion of all degree requirements) by August 1, 2012.

Preferred Qualification(s):

Evidence of effective oral and written English communication skills.
Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness such as but not limited to:
Experience implementing a variety of science teaching methods that have been shown to be effective by educational research (for example: modeling instruction, SCALE-UP, cooperative grouping, context-rich problems, etc.)
Demonstrated experience for assessing efficacy of curriculum on student learning (for example: use and relevance of the FCI, Lawson CTSR, CLASS, standards based grading, etc.)
Evidence of the ability to teach a broad range of undergraduate physics courses.
Demonstrated ability to teach effectively.
Evidence of Scholarly Activity including:
Experience in experimental physics.
Research interests accessible to undergraduate physics majors.
Other evidence for Scholarly Activity such as but not limited to:
Postdoctoral and/or industrial experience accessible to undergraduate physics majors
Publications in professional journals
Presentations at professional conferences
Evidence of continued preparation
Experience running research programs for undergraduates
Experience advising and mentoring students
Experience with science education outreach efforts.
Willingness to develop interdisciplinary courses, programs, or opportunities that connect the Physics Department more broadly within the college and/or university.
Evidence of Contribution to Student Growth such as but not limited to:
Evidence of Service including:
Knowledge of and interest in working with diverse cultures/populations.