Wednesday, December 2, 2015

TT, Math or Science Education, University of Utah

The College of Education in collaboration with the College of Science at the University of Utah invites applications for two open-rank, tenure-track positions. One position is in mathematics education and the second is in mathematics or science education. The Colleges are deeply committed to fostering collaboration across campus and across the states school districts and policy networks; to preparing educational professionals who are successful in diverse educational contexts; and to supporting distinction in research and scholarship. The department assignment within the College of Education is flexible, depending upon the candidates research program.
Successful applicants for both positions will (a) have the potential to secure external funding to carry out a robust research agenda addressing salient issues in mathematics or science education (as described below), (b) have published or have the potential to publish in top-tier peer reviewed journals, (c) contribute to teacher education; and (d) contribute to the graduate and undergraduate programs in the College of Education.  In addition, successful applicants will (e) have the potential to strengthen collaborations between the College of Education and the College of Science, the Department of Mathematics, and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education to enhance existing K-12 teacher education and development efforts.
Examples of research areas of interest to the College include, but are not limited to:
Mathematics Education
Pre-service teacher preparation and teacher professional development; mathematical knowledge and conceptual understanding for teaching; development of reasoning and knowledge for elementary or secondary school learners; and/or culturally-relevant curriculum/pedagogy for diverse learners.
Science Education
Preparing/developing elementary or secondary school science teachers; interplay of mathematics and science knowledge in teachers and learners; the development of scientific knowledge and the acquisition of STEM related content knowledge in learners; and/or culturally-relevant curriculum/pedagogy for diverse learners.
The University of Utah is the states flagship research institution and is located in metropolitan Salt Lake City at the foot of the Wasatch mountain range. Salt Lake City's rapid growth in recent years has enhanced its position as a cultural center with strong opportunities for research with diverse populations.  The Salt Lake City School District as well as other districts in the state enroll majority or near-majority communities of ethnically diverse students including significant international refugee, Latina/o, and Native American populations. District and community partnerships across the state link to multiple college preparation programs and research efforts.
The University of Utah is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and educator. Minorities, women, veterans, and those with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Veterans preference is extended to qualified veterans. Reasonable disability accommodations will be provided with adequate notice.