Wednesday, December 16, 2015

VAP at Colorado College

The Physics Department at Colorado College invites applications for a one-year visiting assistant professor position starting in August 2016. We prefer a candidate with some teaching experience who can teach across the undergraduate curriculum. There will probably be an opportunity for the visitor to offer one course of their choice. This can be an elective course for majors, an interdisciplinary course, a general education course or a first-year experience course. In your cover letter, please describe a course or two that you would enjoy teaching and that would add to our curriculum as listed here:

The Colorado College is a small, selective, undergraduate liberal arts college at the foot of Pike’s Peak. Our unusual academic calendar, in which students take and faculty teach one course at a time, allows flexibility for innovative teaching. Our department has graduated an average of 13 physics majors per year recently. We would like to encourage more women and minorities to take an interest in physics and astronomy; if you can help us do that, we will be especially happy to hear from you.