Friday, September 19, 2008

Lecturer at Shanghai British College

Teacher/Lecturers/Senior Lecturers
Mathematics & Physics
Teaching and Lecturing Opportunities in China

Shanghai British College is an international college, which is located in central Shanghai, China, co-established by The University of Shanghai for Science & Technology, and 9 prestigious British Universities. This education establishment has been welcomed and given full support by the Shanghai Government as it is in line with the government's strategy to increase Shanghai's competitiveness globally through education.

Due to the increase in student numbers, we are now inviting applications for our teaching posts for academic year 2008/2009 for SBC:

Subject Teacher/Lecturers/Senior Lecturers in Mathematics & Physics for Pre-undergraduate programme
We give preference to teachers able to teach a combination of subjects especially Maths and Physics.

Minimum qualifications:

Senior Lecturer: PhD degree, teaching qualification and 5 years teaching experience
Lecturer: Master's degree, teaching qualification and 2 years teaching experience
Subjects Teacher: Bachelor's degree, minimum 2 years teaching Experience
Contracts: one year renewable

Remuneration packages (per year):

We offer a very attractive package which includes salary ranging from RMB 140,000/yr to RMB200,000/yr (£10,000 to £15,000) for teaching assistant, RMB 180,000/yr to RMB280,000/yr (£13,000 to £20,000) for EAP teachers, RMB 240,000/yr to RMB360,000/yr (£17,000 to £25,000) for Lecturers, RMB 350,000/yr to RMB470,000/yr (£25,000 to £34,000) for Senior Lecturers, plus RMB 60,000/yr (£4,286) accommodation & living allowance, flights, baggage allowance, insurance, settling-in allowance and paid leave.

Closing date: 15 Oct. 2008

Further details of all programmes are available from the NCUK website -

For enquires and application forms, please contact Tracy Zhao at +86 21 6474 1117. All applications and resumes should be sent to Tracy Zhao by email at