Saturday, October 12, 2013

TT at Mohawk Valley CC, NY
Responsibilities include instruction, advising, curriculum development, assessment, and other duties within the Center as well as the College. The candidate should be able to teach both algebra/trigonometry based and calculus-based physics courses along with various engineering science courses including scientific computer programming fundamentals. Candidates will be expected to teach in the classroom as well as in the laboratory setting.

We are looking for exceptional colleagues. For all areas, we seek candidates with an understanding of the mission and who have teaching experience in a comprehensive community college; the ability to promote student success in a learner-centered environment; willingness to use technology to support learning, including teaching online; knowledge of assessment strategies for student learning outcomes; good communication skills; ability to work in a diverse multicultural environment; a willingness to work collaboratively, to make a contribution, and to grow and learn professionally. All faculty positions require student advisement and committee responsibilities; variable teaching schedule, a willingness to develop curriculum, and alternative instruction delivery as assigned. International experience or interest in developing international programs appreciated.

A Master's degree in Physics is required; Ph.D. preferred. Prior teaching experience is also preferred. The applicant will need to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The successful candidate will be expected to support the community college mission while teaching students in various programs including but not limited to applied technologies as well as the transfer engineering science program. The successful candidate will work closely with the engineering science faculty and the students in this program.

Official Academic Transcript required at time of hire.