Friday, October 3, 2014

Course Success Specialist at Coursera

Coursera is on a mission to bring world-class education to everyone, everywhere, for free. In roughly two years we’ve brought over 750 courses to over 9 million learners worldwide, and we’re just getting started.

Coursera is seeking an experienced specialist to join our newly formed Course Success team. The Course Success Team is responsible for helping our partners produce courses that achieve high learner success, optimizing for a range of metrics, including enrollment, completion, learner experience, and learning outcomes. We aim to understand the factors that make online courses more successful for learners, to distill these into best practices, and to work with our partners to incorporate these ideas into their course design and production process.

As a Course Success Specialist, you will develop new pedagogical insights as well as implement and execute workflows to put these insights into practice. You will work in close collaboration with Partnership Managers, Data Analysts, Operations Specialists, Product Managers, and Engineers to ensure the development of great content for our learners. Together, we will help create universal access to high-quality education, and make a profound difference to lives and societies around the world.

Your responsibilities:

Become an expert in existing best practices for structuring and developing online courses
Track courses throughout their stages of development, from ideation through delivery, to help ensure implementation of best practices
Work with partnership managers, help provide guidance to course development teams on how to implement these practices in their course development
Review course materials (videos, assessments, announcements) as they are developed and provide pedagogical feedback to course development teams
Use learner behavioral data and qualitative feedback to identify structural or pedagogical problems in the course as a whole or in specific content items, and provide suggestions to course design teams on how to address issues
Track course success metrics, flag courses that perform significantly differently than expected, and try to identify the reasons for the discrepancy
Identify “best of breed” examples and work with partnership managers to surface those to our partner community
Discern patterns in the data and help our pedagogical experts distill that into new learnings and insights
Drive change and collaborate effectively with a variety of individuals and teams within the company

Your skills:
2+ years of experience in an operational role involving high throughput, scalable workflows
1+ years of experience in solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches (or equivalent)
Demonstrated data skills (Excel, SQL, R, or similar) and ability to identify patterns in complex data
Experience in examining and evaluating content in different forms (text, video) is a strong plus
Passionate about understanding what makes for an effective learning experience and make education better for everyone
Background in education is a strong plus
Demonstrated ability to think strategically about complex issues, leading to thoughtful recommendations and action plans
Ability and experience working independently and a track record of taking initiative in uncertain, dynamic environments
Strong bias for action and ability to juggle multiple priorities in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
Exceptional communication skills, both verbally and in writing
Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills

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