Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Doc at UC Berkeley

Postdoctoral Scholar
Continuous Learning and Automated Scoring in Science (CLASS) Project &
Cumulative Learning Using Embedded Assessment Results (CLEAR) Project
University of California, Berkeley

We seek a postdoctoral scholar to join the Continuous Learning and Automated Scoring in Science (CLASS) and Cumulative Learning using Embedded Assessment Results (CLEAR) projects in science and technology education (see TELSCenter.org for more details).

The scholar will work in a multidisciplinary collaboration funded by the National Science Foundation, including leaders in education, technology, and the science disciplines. Dr. Marcia Linn, at University of California Berkeley, is the Principal Investigator. Lydia Liu, at Educational Testing Service, Inc. directs a subcontract on automated scoring and analysis.

The scholar will join researchers who are creating new technologies to score and provide feedback on open-ended inquiry assessments, developing innovative instructional materials, designing professional development programs, exploring partnerships with educational organizations, including school districts, and researching their impacts. The group builds on previously successful uses of technology such as the Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE). The work draws from current research on teaching, learning, computer science, software design, and computational linguistics. This research will contribute to design and assessment frameworks to guide future education researchers, curriculum and assessment designers, and policy makers.
The CLASS postdoctoral scholar will conduct a research program, collaborate on the design of new learning technologies (particularly autoscored assessments and adaptive guidance), author curriculum materials, and collaborate with local schools as part of a team. The scholar will have the opportunity to learn about advances on all fronts of technology and education and to contribute to all aspects of the work. The scholar will conduct and analyze research studies in collaboration with the various members of the TELS Research Community, guide designs for automated scoring and data reports and representations, as well as coordinate annual reports, Human Subjects protocols, teacher workshops, and research meetings. Using the knowledge integration framework, the scholar will design and refine curriculum and assessments, help adapt implementations for specific school sites, and analyze and disseminate research findings.


Candidates should have a background in the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, or computer science and a Ph. D. in education, psychology, mathematics, natural science, engineering, computer science, or a related discipline. Candidates should have research experience relevant to the learning sciences. Experience in the design, implementation, and analysis of science materials and assessments, understanding of data mining and analysis techniques, and quantitative analysis skills are strong assets. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to work on a team, skill in collaborating with practitioners, interest in working in partnerships to develop innovations, strong writing skills, and interest in designing and analyzing complex research studies conducted in school settings.

We seek a candidate who can start as early as Fall 2011. The begin date is negotiable and candidate's must have their doctorate prior to the start of the appointment. The position, which has an annual salary starting at $50,194, is for one year with possible renewal for a second and third year.


Send CV, statement of purpose, one or more academic papers, and a list of people we might contact for letters of recommendation by November 21, 2011 [Applicants should refer their references to the UC Berkeley Statement of Confidentiality found at http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/evalltr.html.]

Send to:
Darah Vickery Savitt: dvs@berkeley.edu

Or mail materials to:
Darah Vickery Savitt
University of California at Berkeley
Graduate School of Education
1501 Tolman Hall
Berkeley, California 94720-1670

The University of California is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.