Monday, April 29, 2013

Physics lab manager, Univ of Richmond

Job Summary: The Physics Lab Manager provides support for teaching and research laboratories in physics including introductory and advanced teaching laboratories and faculty research labs. This position is crucial to the daily operation of the Physics Department since all of our teaching labs are to be comprehensively prepared by the lab manager each day prior to the start of a teaching lab. Applicant must be able to install, maintain, and repair or seek repair of all mechanical, electronic, electrical, optical, and computer equipment and associated software normally found in a university physics department. This position involves proper and timely setup of software and equipment with the needed supplies and any backups. The Lab Manager must be available for all laboratory sections during their scheduled times to assist professors. Other duties include maintaining the Department's instructional equipment inventory, setting up classroom demonstrations, assisting the development of new undergraduate laboratories, and support of outreach programs. During the summer, the Lab Manager helps with the daily operation of research labs to support summer research students.

Qualifications and Skills: A strong background in physics and physics related issues (safety, instrumentation set up, lab organization, software, etc.)
Technical competency in physics
Strong problem-solving skills
Strong organizational skills
Computer skills for performing introductory and advanced physics labs and for ordering materials
Appropriate document tracking skills
Familiarity with electronics is preferred
Ability to work independently and without direct supervision.

Essential Functions: Prepares assigned teaching labs for daily operation including setting up equipment prior to student experiments and disassembling, cleaning, and storing all equipment upon completion
Performs standard tests of teaching instruments prior to student use to check readiness
Performs minor equipment repair and software maintenance as needed
Supports operation of research labs and summer research students
Orders equipment, software, and other needed laboratory supplies for assigned teaching and research labs and keeps appropriate records. Works with administrative assistant on all purchasing issues related to teaching laboratories
Trains laboratory student assistants in cooperation with the faculty
Maintains the Department's instructional equipment inventory
Handles equipment and materials safety issues for teaching and research laboratories and cooperates as needed with appropriate University officials.