Thursday, June 13, 2013

TT, Physics / Science Specialty Instructor, Alabama School of Fine Arts

Performance Responsibilities:
  1. Implements activities using a variety of techniques that utilize instructional time and meet objectives.
  2. Develops curriculum in scope and sequences that addresses learning goals.
  3. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to achieve a functional learning atmosphere.
  4. Evaluates the educational program and student progress.
  5. Communicates with parents/guardians, colleagues and community groups.
  6. Demonstrates proficiency in written and oral communications.
  7. Maintains and submits records and reports.
  8. Works with all other instructors to facilitate flexible test dates and class attendance to benefit students.
  9. Assists in the identification and selection of qualified students for the M/S specialty program.
  10. Collaborates with faculty of the M/S specialty program to develop and implement statewide recruitment and community outreach/service programs.
  11. Mentor/advises M/S seniors in their senior research projects.
  12. Adheres to school system rules administrative procedures, local board, state and federal rules and regulations.
  13. Engages in personal professional growth and demonstrates professional ethic and leadership.
  14. Utilizes and communicates with internal technology such as email, grade reporting, etc.
  15. Assists in locating and securing guest lecturers for the M/S Lecture Series.
  16. Contributes to the development of the Math/Science specialty program.

Additional Extra-Curricular Responsibilities:
  1. Participates in ASFA Open House events.
  2. Assists in the planning/implementing/working of the ASFA STEM EXPO
  3. Mentors and chaperones the following science competitions:
-       Central Alabama Science and Engineering Fair, Alabama Science and Engineering Fair, and other possible national level science contests
  1. Participates/works in the following M/S specialty program events:
-       ASFA Math Tournament, ASFA Senior Research Symposium

      Required: Bachelor or Master degree in Physics and/or Master degree in Secondary Science Education from an accredited college or university. Experience in teaching gifted students. Minimum 3 years experience in AP Physics C teaching. Such alternatives to the listed qualifications as the M/S Supervisory Chair and Executive Director may find appropriate and acceptable.
      Desired: Master degree or beyond in Physics from an accredited college or university. AP Physics authorization. National Board Certification in Adult and Young Adolescence Science. Alabama Teachers Certificate.

Salary:                        ASFA Teaching Salary based on degree and experience

Service Term:            Nine months (187 days)

To apply please send a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references with contact information to :
Jamie Plott, Alabama School of Fine Arts, 1800 Rev A Woods Jr. Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35203 or No phone calls please.