Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Content creators at PCS Edventures

PCS Edventures, a company that produces project-based STEM enrichment materials and curriculum for kids in grades K-16, is seeking support with content creation for two ongoing projects:

  1. A growing domestic network of labs, where students create learning experiences after school and in camps. These labs have an ongoing need for new topics and project ideas to add to their library. Contributors paid per project, with residuals for each lab that adopts the content. 
  2. An outreach contract with Saudi Arabia, designing customized content for similar labs there, which will be housed in a series of science centers currently in development. This project is a part of an effort to shift the Saudi economy away from resource extraction and toward innovation and scientific development.
 There is also an opportunity for someone who is highly knowledgeable about student-centered science pedagogy, adventurous, assertive, and political. PCS is assembling a team of representatives to travel to Saudi Arabia this summer, to clarify elements of the project mentioned above. The candidate would then be an ongoing partner for the duration of this project - slated for 9 months - (and likely additional projects thereafter).  Interested parties email Jon Bender (bend9554 at gmail)