Friday, June 20, 2014

VAP at Troy AL

Job Summary
The Assistant Visiting Professor position in Physics is responsible for teaching introductory algebra and calculus based physics and physical science lecture and lab courses; and actively participating in all aspects of the daily operations of the department.

Minimum Qualifications
1. A Ph.D. or ABD in Physics
2. Strong collaborative skills and the ability to work collegially and productively

Applicant Special Instructions
Qualified applications will be made available to the department/committee for review immediately upon submission. We ask that you provide email addresses for your reference providers and please be certain that the email addresses you list are accurate. If you are selected as a candidate for consideration by the department/committee, an instructional email will be sent to your reference providers to ask that they submit a reference letter on your behalf via a link to our reference portal. Separate reference letters will be requested for each position to which you apply (if applicable), so your reference providers will be contacted separately for each application on which you list them. Reference letters will not be copied from one application to another. You can assure your reference providers that our system is secure and that all letters are confidential. If your reference providers have trouble using the reference portal, please advise them to contact

Work Status: Full-Time
Temporary: Yes
Does this position have supervisory responsibility?: No
Open Until Filled: Yes