Monday, June 23, 2014

Quantitative Modeler (2 positions), University of Canberra AU

Quantitative Modeller & Quantitative Scenario Modeller

Job Reference: 00021 & 00022
We are seeking two highly motivated, experienced quantitative modellers to contribute to a project funded by the Australian Research Council. Australia's biodiversity is under pressure from the combined effects of a rapidly growing human population, accelerating per capita natural resource use, and climate change. The work will use a combination of retrospective analyses of time series of existing data sets from around the world, and detailed models to project change until at least 2050 under a range of future scenarios.
The Quantitative Modeller will be a skilled person with experience in quantitative modelling, preferably but not essentially in ecological or environmental applications. Enquiries from persons who have worked in allied data-rich areas such as GIS programming, geosciences, and applied physics also are encouraged. The Quantitative Scenario Modeller will be experienced in the methods and tools for quantitative scenario development. Experience in agricultural or economic futures research also would be welcomed.
To be considered for this position your application must include your resume and responses to the selection criteria. More information regarding how to apply is available on the University of Canberra website.
Please note applications that do not provide a written response addressing your claims against the selection criteria will be considered incomplete and will not be assessed.
Please note these two positions have two separate position descriptions and selection criteria. Please quote the specific position number when applying for the position.
For job specific questions please contact Ralph Mac Nally on 02 6201 5152, or email
For recruitment and application questions, please contact the Managed Recruitment team on 02 6180 8000 or email quoting ref No:
00021 - Quantitative Modeller;
00022 - Quantitative Scenario Modeller.
Closing Date: 22 July 2014