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Professor, Physics-Florida SouthWestern State College

The professor is responsible for providing professional quality work as a teaching faculty member and member of an academic department. Work includes conducting and teaching courses within the prescribed curriculum for students enrolled at the College; preparing and delivering lectures, labs, and/or online instruction to students; compiling, administering and grading student assignments; providing academic assistance to students as needed; and maintaining required office hours. Work also includes serving on faculty committees and attending departmental and other special meetings as required.
 General Responsibilities:
Teaches classes assigned by the supervisor in accordance with the needs of the College and under the teaching load provisions specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Such teaching assignments may include at least one night course per session, teaching assignments on another campus and/or off-campus teaching assignments, blended learning teaching assignments, and/or online teaching assignments as part of the regular teaching load.
Prepares and submits, for the supervisor's approval, a course syllabus for each course taught in accordance with the College's standard format (VPAA-005). This document must be based on the approved course outline and must be submitted in time to be approved and ready for posting on the FSW portal during the first week of class each term.
Teaches courses as assigned by the supervisor in accordance with the course description as outlined in the College Catalog, course syllabus, and other approved curricular materials.
Completes and submits on a timely basis grade reports, absence reports, and other special reports as required by the College.
Prepares thoroughly for each class. Meets all ground classes promptly and teaches for the full time allotted. Prepares and teaches online classes according to the guidelines of the e-Learning Policy Manual.
Participates in a College-approved faculty evaluation process that includes continuous improvement in teaching and instruction, professional development, and college service. Prepares and submits a faculty portfolio as designated by the Florida SouthWestern State College Faculty Evaluation Plan, including professional development and college service.
Posts and keeps at least ten (10) office hours each week in his/her office. The supervisor must approve these office hours
Participates in College and educational committees, both standing and ad hoc. Attends all required scheduled district-wide meetings, campus-wide meetings, discipline and/or departmental meetings, and other meetings as required.
Cooperatively works with department members on all academic issues related to updating curriculum, textbook selection, and developing course and program-level assessment,
Understands and adheres to the College Catalog, academic policies and procedures, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Accountable for all keys, furniture, equipment and materials assigned to the faculty member. Performs other related duties as assigned, which are specifically related to the above

Work is reviewed through evaluation as defined in the Florida SouthWestern State College Faculty Evaluation Plan.
These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed; employees will be required to perform other job related duties as required. An employee with a disability is encouraged to contact the Human Resources Office to evaluate the job in greater detail in order to determine if she/he can safely perform the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodation.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Minimum Qualifications
A doctoral or master's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the teaching discipline or a master’s degree with a concentration in the teaching discipline (a minimum of 18 graduate semester credit hours in the teaching discipline) or alternatively qualified with appropriate supporting documentation.
A doctorate in the teaching discipline from a regionally accredited institution of higher education is preferred. In some disciplines/programs, alternate qualifications may be accepted with appropriate supporting documentation and with the approval of the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the subject area to be taught and currency in the discipline.

Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written communication in the language in which assigned courses will be taught.
Demonstrated ability to use technology in creating and delivering course content.
Within two semesters of accepting employment, the faculty member completes training to become certified in using the Course Management System adopted by the college.
Demonstrated history of or evidence of an interest in professional development activities which may include research, additional coursework, seminars and conferences, etc.
Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with and maintain positive working relationships with students, peers, supervisors and staff.
Demonstrates a personal and educational philosophy compatible with the goals, objectives, and mission of Florida SouthWestern State College.
Demonstrates high ethical and moral character.
Critical Skills/Expertise
All employees are expected to:
• Promote a common purpose consistent with stated College goals and demonstrate a commitment to students and the learning environment.
• Possess the knowledge of general written standards and procedures utilized, and have the ability to read, interpret, and follow procedural and policy manual related to the job tasks.
• Demonstrate the ability to respond to supervision, guidance and direction in a positive, receptive manner and in accordance with stated policies.
• Provide quality customer service by creating a welcoming and supportive environment.
• Present a professional image in word, action and attire.
• Demonstrate professionalism in dealing with a diverse population while understanding and respecting each other’s view of the world, personalities and working styles.
• Conduct oneself in a manner consistent with the College’s standards of ethical conduct.
• Apply effective techniques to create working relationships with others to achieve common goals; successfully communicates and collaborates with others to achieve goals.
• Demonstrate skills necessary to look at situations and processes critically to make recommendations for improvement.

Work Conditions/Physical Demands/Special Conditions
Physical: Routinely requires the ability to communicate effectively with students in a manner that supports the mission and values of the College.

Environmental: Normal general teaching and office environment.

Mental: Routinely requires the ability to interpret, analyze and perform critical thinking skills.

 Supplemental Information:
This application is considered the official document of record with the college indicating your interest in this position.  It must be completed in its entirety. 
Incomplete applications or applications that indicate “See Resume” will not be considered.  It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure all required information and documents are provided.
 All work history and degrees awarded must be included on the application and all fields must be accurately and specifically completed. Candidates must list ALL work experience and degree information which proves sufficient for meeting minimum qualifications of this position.
Unofficial transcripts MUST be uploaded to the applicant system at the same time the application is submitted for consideration.  It is suggested that all documents, including transcripts, be uploaded as PDF documents under 5MB in size.  Applications submitted without transcripts or submitted with transcripts that do not list the required degree has been awarded, will not be considered.
Official transcripts for all coursework and degrees will be required at the time of hire.
Foreign transcripts must be transcribed in English AND evaluated for U.S. equivalency by a reputable U.S. evaluation service at time of application.  Accepted services can be found at  This evaluation must be uploaded to the application system at time of application in order to be considered.
Important Information:
Once the application has been submitted, NO additional documents or changes to the application can be made.  Please be absolutely sure everything is completed and attached before final submission.
We are unable to accept faxed, emailed, mailed or hand delivered application materials.  Everything must be submitted through the online application system.
A selection committee will review candidate materials and will select a limited number of qualified applicants for interview.  Occasionally positions will be reposted, in order to widen the applicant pool.  Positions may also be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  In this case, candidates will need to reapply if the position is posted again in the future.
Criminal background check and fingerprinting, as well as previous work experience references will be required of the final candidate.
Florida SouthWestern State College is proud to be a tobacco-free organization.
Florida SouthWestern State College is committed to providing an educational and working environment free from discrimination and harassment.  All programs, activities, employment and facilities of Florida SouthWestern State College are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information or veteran's status. The College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution. Questions pertaining to educational equity, equal access, or equal opportunity should be addressed to the College's Equity Officer.
The College’s Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator is:
Jana Sabo
Office of  Research, Technology, & Accountability

Florida SouthWestern State College

8099 College Parkway

Fort Myers, FL 33919
For Equity/Title IX concerns/questions call 239-489-9305 or email