Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spring Semester Lectureships at Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Position Vacancy Listing: PVL # 81358
Degree and area of specialization:
MS in physics or related field required; Ph.D. preferred.
Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
Previous experience teaching physics at the college/university level preferred.
Principal duties:
Teach and/or Co-Teach Physics:
115 - Energy
202 - General Physics
207 - General Physics
625 - Applied Optics
715 - Statistical Methods
721 - Electrodynamics
Prepare syllabus, prepare and present lectures, lead discussion section, hold office hours, prepare and administer examinations, supervise TAs and/or graders.
Physics 115 is a 3 credit course and is a one-semester introduction, focusing on a central concept: energy, energy sources, and the environment. This course gives students the necessary physics background to form opinions on energy questions. The physical laws of thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, and nuclear physics in connection with energy related topics such as: thermal pollution, fossil power, fission and fusion, nuclear power, and solar power. The course consists of two lectures and one discussion per week.
202 General Physics. I, II, SS; 5 cr (Intermediate, Physical Sciences, C). Primarily for engineering students. Electricity, magnetism, light, and sound. Two lectures, two discussions and one three-hour lab per week. Prerequisites: Physics 201 or equivalent. Not open to students who have taken Physics 208 or 248; Open to Freshmen
207 General Physics. I, II; 5 cr (Intermediate, Physical Sciences, C, Quant Reasoning B). Recommended for those majoring in science or mathematics. Also suitable for others who have the math prerequisite. Mechanics, heat and sound. Two lectures, two discussions and one three-hour lab per week. Prerequisites: Math 221 or 211 or 1 year high school calculus or instructor consent. Not open to students who have taken Physics 201 or 247; Open to Freshmen
625 Applied Optics. II; 4 cr (P-A). Optical methods in research and technology. Reflection, refraction, absorption, scattering. Imaging. Sources and sensors. Schlieren methods. Interferometry. Instrumental spectroscopy. Fourier optics, image processing, holography. Laser technology, Gaussian beams, nonlinear optics. P: Three semesters of calculus level physics or equiv. Sr or Grad st or cons inst.
715 Statistical Mechanics.I, II; 3 cr. Statistical foundations, Liouville's theorem, ensembles, classical and quantum distribution functions, entropy and temperature, connection with thermodynamics, partition functions, quantum gases, non-ideal gases, phase transitions and critical phenomena, non-equilibrium problems, Boltzmann equation and the H-theorem, transport properties, applications of statistical mechanics to selected problems. P: Physics 711, 531 & 415, or equiv.
721 Theoretical Physics-Electrodynamics.I, II; 3 cr. Electrostatics, magnetostatics, Green functions, boundary value problems, macroscopic media, Maxwell's equations, the stress tensor and conservation laws, electromagnetic waves, wave propagation, dispersion, waveguides, radiation, multipole expansions, diffraction and scattering, special relativity, covariance of Maxwell's equations, Lienard-Wiechert potentials, radiation by accelerated charges. P: Physics 322 or equiv.
Additional Information:
There is a possibility this position can be extended in subsequent semesters to teach one or more of course(s) listed on this PVL, or similar courses within the department. This position may become renewable if there is a need for an ongoing appointment.
A criminal background check will be conducted prior to hiring.
A period of evaluation will be required
Employee Class: Academic Staff
Department(s): L&S/PHYSICS
Full Time Salary Rate: Minimum $34,202 ACADEMIC (9 months) Depending on Qualifications
Term: This position will end on MAY 24, 2015.
Appointment percent: 33.3% - 100%
Anticipated begin date: JANUARY 09, 2015
Number of Positions: 6
To Ensure Consideration:
Application must be received by: DECEMBER 04, 2014
How To Apply:
Please submit a cover letter, CV/resume, and the names/relationships or three professional refernces via:https://www.physics.wisc.edu/apply/pvl_81358/apply.php
Unless another application procedure has been specified above, please send resume and cover letter referring to Position Vacancy Listing #81358 to:
Aimee Lefkow
Phone: 608-263-2267
Fax: 608-263-0800
Department of Physics
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Email: lefkow@hep.wisc.edu
Relay Access (WTRS): 7-1-1 (out-of-state: TTY: 800.947.3529, STS: 800.833.7637) and above Phone number (See RELAY_SERVICE for further information. )