Monday, February 29, 2016

TT Instructor, Bellevue College, WA

Job Title:Physics, Tenure-Track Full-Time Faculty #015143
Salary:See Position Description
Job Type:Full-time Tenure Track Instructor
Location:Main Campus - 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue WA, Washington
Department:Office of Instruction
Applications received by 3/20/2016 will be given first consideration. Applications received after that date may be considered until the position is filled. The position will start Fall 2016.

Annual salary is based on a 173-day contract with a minimum of $52,901.83; beginning salary will be determined by the assessment of the candidate's education and related experience. New hires cannot be placed above $56,830.25 unless exceptional circumstances prevail. This position is covered under the Bellevue College Association of Higher Education (BCAHE) union; the individual in this position must become a member of the Association, or pay a representation fee to the Association, within 30 calendar days after date of hire.

Bellevue College (BC) is a diverse student-centered, comprehensive and innovative college, committed to teaching excellence that advances the life-long educational development of its students while strengthening the economic, social and cultural life of its diverse community. Bellevue College is located just 10 miles east of Seattle where we serve a student population of over 40% students of color and over 1,700 international students. The college promotes student success by providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs and services; advancing pluralism, inclusion and global awareness; and acting as a catalyst and collaborator for a vibrant region.

We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive campus community that supports a diverse student body, faculty and staff. As an essential part of our mission and goals, diversity, equity and pluralism are promoted and fostered in all aspects of college life. By enriching student life through leadership opportunities, personal learning and cultural experiences, we are committed to building an inclusive and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation and student success.

The Science Division at BC is organized into four programs: Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Computer Science / Engineering.  The Physics Department is included in the Physical Sciences program and currently consists of three full-time faculty and eight quarterly-contracted adjunct faculty. More than sixty sections of physics are offered annually, including algebra-based and calculus-based introductory college physics sequences; a modern physics course; both lecture-based and inquiry-based courses to prepare students for introductory sequences, to support information technology majors, to support the visual and performing arts majors, and to support other arts & humanities majors.  Physics instruction is supported by a comprehensive collection of laboratory and demonstration apparatus and laboratory support staff. The members of the Physics Department are an active and eclectic group with a variety of research backgrounds, who share a common commitment to excellence in teaching.  Members of the department participate in professional activities at both the regional and national levels. For more information, please go to
 Essential Functions/Typical Duties:
Full-time physics faculty members perform duties and responsibilities under the general direction of the Vice President of Instruction and be responsible primarily to the Dean of Science Division. Individual duties include:
  • Perform student-centered and equitable teaching for a combination of physics courses spanning the breadth of the department offerings, as assigned in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement;
  • Provide culturally-responsible advising to students in academic and vocational education matters (e.g. transfer requirements, navigating obstacles that underrepresented and historically marginalized student populations may experience in college (e.g. students with disabilities, students of color, first generation college students, LBGTQia students, veterans, 2nd language learners), etc.);
  • Participate in college and divisional governance and initiatives (e.g. committees and councils, division and department meetings, Student Success initiative, college-wide effort to dismantle barriers that can impact underrepresented and historically marginalized student populations, etc.);
  • Maintain currency in physics, applications of physics, teaching physics, and cultural versatility;
  • Make ongoing professional contributions in the fields of physics and physics education, through participation in relevant professional organizations, engaging in research, or other scholarly pursuits.
Members of the Physics department also collaborate on the following:
  • Create or modify curriculum in response to growing needs, including content changes, courses offered, advancing diversity and inclusion, instructional mode, textbook selection, etc.;
  • Maintain or develop lab experiences and documentation (e.g. lab manuals) as needed to support the physics curriculum or to support changing technologies and pedagogy;
  • Administrative tasks, including student enrollment planning, coordinate laboratory staff activities, faculty recruitment, class schedules planning, laboratory facilities and teaching space planning, etc.;
  • Coordinate and participate in outreach activities directed toward the larger community, or specifically focused on recruitment and retention directed towards our multi-cultural population;
  • Coordinate and participate in departmental assessment activities in accordance with college practices;
  • Provide orientation and professional development to adjuncts regarding laboratory and demonstration equipment and inquiry methods used in selected courses;
  • Conduct adjunct evaluations in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.
 Qualifications/Core Competencies:
  • Master's degree in physics from an accredited institution - OR - a Baccalaureate degree in physics with a Master's in a closely related discipline;
  • Post-secondary teaching experience in physics;
  • Background or prior experience in connecting and building relationships with students and staff from varied ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities;
  • Experience in integrating diversity, pluralism, and inclusion into teaching and learning, or equivalent transferable skills to do so;
  • Effective oral and written communication skills;
Successful candidate will have some combination of the following:
  • Current activities the fields of physics and teaching physics;
  • Experience with community college teaching and fostering student success in an open-enrollment institution;
  • Experience in addressing disproportionate impact and equity issues in the higher education environment;
  • Experience and current activities in making explicit the connections between physical theory and the physical world as experienced by students;
  • Knowledge of current physics education research and applications of research findings;
  • Experience or educational background in providing undergraduate research experiences for students;
  • Experience with current curriculum development and teaching physics for the biological sciences;
  • Experience or educational background to support collaboration in curriculum and professional development between the physics program and the mathematics program;
  • Experience with successful outreach programs;
  • Experience in the preparation of K-12 teachers of physics or physical sciences.
 Required Information:

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Application must include the below to be considered complete. Any application that does not provide all requested information will be considered incomplete and will not be screened for the position.
  • Complete an online Application (note that stating "See Resume" on any section of the online Application will be deemed incomplete)
  • Complete the Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Attach a Cover Letter that addresses how you meet Minimum and Preferred Qualifications (max 2 pgs)
  • Attach a Curriculum Vitae
  • Attach a statement of your Teaching Philosophy (max 1 pg)
  • Attach a Diversity Statement that addresses the following: Please provide specific examples of  how your educational and/or professional experiences, background or philosophy demonstrate your commitment to diversity and equity, and how these prepare you to contribute to Bellevue College (min 1 pg, max 2 pgs). Please note that your Teaching Philosophy must be a separate response from your Diversity Statement.
  • Attach copy of academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts may be submitted - official transcripts required upon employment)