Monday, October 15, 2012

Non-TT at Jubail University College in Saudia Araiba

Jubail University College invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for the positions of Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Physics and Chemistry. These subjects would be taught as part of the following majors: Engineering, Computer Science, Interior Design, Business Administration and MIS.

For the position of Assistant Professor, the successful applicant will hold a relevant Ph.D. with 2 years' post PhD undergraduate teaching experience or for the lecturer position, fresh PhDs with two years' undergraduate teaching experience or M.Sc. with five years' undergraduate teaching experience (*female only).

Teaching experience should be in the following courses respectively;
a. Physics: General Physics I & II (only PhD Degree holders)
b. Chemistry: General Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. (Only PhD Degree holders)
Professional experience in curriculum development.
Proficiency in oral and written English and computer literacy.
Applicants with administrative and leadership experience in an academic setting would be preferred.
JUC is located in coastal Jubail Industrial City, the heart of the prosperous Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. English is the medium of instruction at the university.

The offer of employment for the teaching staff JUC includes the following:-

Basic salary  Attractive salary ($ 2,000 - 4,000)

Housing  Free single/family status furnished housing

Vacations  60 days Annual Leave

Working Hours  Working hours at JUC are 40 hours from Saturday to Wednesday

Air Tickets  Annual round-trip air tickets

Health Care  The employee and members of his family will be provided with free health care at the Royal Commission health care facilities

Education of Children  Two of the employee's children, under the age of 18.

Settling-in (Start-of Service) Gratuity:

A Family status employee shall receive the following: half month's salary upon successful completion of the three month probationary period, and the other half upon the arrival of his dependants.
A Family status employee shall be paid SR 1000, as follows: SR 450 upon successful completion of the three month probationary period. SR 550 when authorized dependants arrive on site.
Service Increment  Annual increase in the monthly base salary based on performance in the previous year of service

End-of-Service Gratuity  The employee will be paid an amount equal to half a month's salary for each first five years of employment; and one month's salary for each subsequent year

Please visit the recruitment website via the Apply button below and submit your application online through following steps:

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Apply to the advertised job that matches your qualification
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*Under Saudi Arabian jurisdiction advertising for females only is legal.