Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TT in STEM Ed at the College of New Jersey

Tenure track faculty
Department of Technological Studies
School of Engineering
The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey has a tenure track faculty position in STEM education.  The position is within the Department of Technological Studies in the School of Engineering.  The Department has created a series of STEM focused K-12 education majors. For example, started in 1998, our M/S/T (STEM) major is one of the largest K-5 majors on campus and is producing integrative-STEM literate K-5 and middle school teachers. Additionally, the department was one of the first programs to create a technology education K-12 program with a strong emphasis on math, engineering and science. The department is taking leadership in K-12 STEM education and is establishing a national dialog between engineering and education professionals. Our vision is to graduate the next generation of educational leaders. The Department consists of 5 faculty members, a Center for Excellence in STEM Education, and offers four year programs that lead to Bachelor of Science degrees in Technology/Pre-Engineering Education, M/S/T Elementary Education, M/S/T Early Childhood Education, M/S/T Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education, M/S/T Special Education, M/S/T Urban Education and a Masters in the Art of Teaching (M.A.T) in Technology/Pre-Engineering Education. There are currently 210 students enrolled in these programs.

Website:  https://jedi.tcnj.edu/webteam/employment/show_job.php?jobid=10914&category=Academic/Faculty%20Positions

For more information please contact Steve O'Brien:  obriens@tcnj.edu