Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Assistant Manager - Science Theater at Miami Science Museum

The Assistant Manager is a key part of the staff team responsible for developing and delivering a high-quality visitor experience on a consistent basis, including the development and delivery of a wide range of programs ranging from signature weekend events, camps, field trip experience for school groups, workshops, birthday parties, shows, demos, and day-to-day interpretive services on the Museum floor. This position plays a key role in developing and testing new interpretive content, strategies and approaches and new systems and protocols to help lay the foundation for the expanded Public Programs experience at the Miami Science Museum’s new facility, currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2014. The Assistant Manager works under the direction of the Public Programs Manager to provide supervision, training, and serve as a role model for the part-time interpretive staff and Public Programs volunteers, including regularly serving as Floor Manager responsible for all opening, scheduling, troubleshooting, and closing procedures.
In addition to the general Assistant Manager responsibilities outlined above, this position has special responsibility for developing, presenting, and training others to perform interactive, participatory, live science programs, including informal science theater shows, interactive demonstrations, experiments, guided tours, videoconferences, game shows/quiz shows, story telling, and other performances. It is expected that many of these formats will involve the integration of mobile or other digital technology to support audience engagement, as well as the development of related web-based links, blogs, etc.


Assistant Manager
Develops informative, accurate, and engaging public programs related to the museum’s exhibitions and tailored to the museum’s target audiences.
Develops and delivers programs for field trips, Home School classes, camps, floor demonstrations, and special events, i.e. Darwin Day, Engineering Day, Nano Days etc.
Assumes a leadership role in the museum galleries, including serving as Floor Manager at scheduled times, overseeing management of explainer staff, including scheduling of breaks and opening and closing procedures.
Designs and conducts training programs for Public Programs staff, interns, and volunteers.
Facilitates visitor interactions based on a fundamental understanding of science and technology, the natural environment and our region's cultural heritage.
Creates, collects, and reviews evaluations for Public Programs activities including field trips, camps, shows, and trainings.
Maintains inventories of Public Programs’ supplies and materials

Live Science Performance
Develops and delivers live science performances related to Museum exhibitions, current science topics, and/or content of interest to the Museum's target audiences, including interactive experiments, demos, theater shows, participatory games, quiz shows, etc.
Performs interactive science demonstrations and theatre programs 4-5 hours per day. This includes set up and take down of materials, sets, props, and seating; gathering audiences; and conducting post performance discussions.
Develops and delivers training sessions and rehearsals to prepare Public Programs staff, interns and volunteers to perform all varieties of science shows and demonstrations.
Serves as stage manager for all performance areas, including the theater. This includes ordering and purchasing expendable materials; overseeing acquisition and preparation of any props and costumes; working with the exhibits staff to produce props and sets, etc.
Manages all equipment necessary for supporting live performances in the theater and other spaces, including lighting, theater control booth, projectors, speakers, microphones, show computers, and other a/v equipment. Troubleshoots and performs minor repairs. Reports more complex technical problems to IT or Exhibits staff.
Oversees system for coordinating use of the theater with other departments, including booking theater, equipment loan/use, set-up and returning space ready for Public Program use.
Maintains online video archive of shows, demos, and performances as well as scripts/updates.
Troubleshoot issues related to the functioning of exhibits and other on-floor technologies.
Performs other job-related duties as requested.

Bachelor’s degree in a science field with formal training in theater arts or equivalent previous performance experience OR Bachelor's degree in theater with a minor in science
Background and/or strong interest in several sciences; biology, physics, geology, ecology, etc.
Experience working with children and youth in informal learning environments.
Strong performance skills and a demonstrated commitment to educational science theatre.
Excellent technology skills including new media experiences, online video, and web 2.0. Some basic coding skills are also helpful.
Excellent oral and written communications skills
Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
Demonstrated skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.

Knowledge of science concepts and activities for a range of programs serving visitors of all ages.
Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
Excellent communication and customer service skills.
Ability to work within established budgets.
Attention to detail and follow-through with assignments.
Knowledge of database management, word processing, Internet navigation and e-mail systems.


Work is normally performed in an interior environment (office, exhibit galleries, or theater) and moving throughout the Museum. Some work will be required from time to time in an exterior environment with exposure to climactic conditions. Schedule will include non-traditional hours, evenings, and one mandatory weekend day.
Required transport, set up, and storing of materials, sets, props, and costumes could include lifting loads of up to 40 pounds and working off floor level on ladders, grids, or special sets.