Friday, March 1, 2013

Teaching Lab Specialist at Univ of Illinois Springfield

Academic Professional
Teaching Lab Specialist
The Chemistry Department of the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) seeks applications for a ten month Teaching Laboratory Specialist position.

Located in the state capital, the University of Illinois Springfield is one of three campuses of the University of Illinois.  UIS serves approximately 5,000 students and offers 23 bachelor’s degrees, 20 master’s degrees and 1 doctoral degree.  The curriculum stresses a strong liberal arts core with outstanding professional departments.
Characteristic responsibilities:

Duties include:  Preparing the labs for instruction, instructing and running the lab session, breaking down the lab after session is ended, grading lab reports and maintaining office hours and working with the Natural Science Division technical support staff.  The Teaching Laboratory Specialist will ensure that all materials (including solutions) and equipment needed for the labs are in the correct room prior to the beginning of the lab session.  The Specialist is expected to instruct six lab sections per semester for no more than three courses in introductory chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry, and perform other duties as assigned.

Environmental demands:

Candidate must be physically able to prepare labs for instruction and break down labs after session has ended.  This includes ensuring that all materials, solutions, and equipment needed for the labs are in the correct room prior to the lab session.

Minimum education and work experience required:

M.S. in Chemistry, Physics, or a related field completed before August 14, 2013.

All candidates are required to have the following:
  • Documented experience teaching lab in introductory chemistry or physics;
  • A background that demonstrates excellence in chemistry and/or physics pedagogy;
  • A track record of continual self improvement of teaching skills; and,
  • Enthusiasm for the challenge of teaching general education and pre-med students.
Additional consideration will be given to applicants who have classroom experience teaching both introductory chemistry and physics laboratory, are qualified to teach organic chemistry and/or have an interest in online pedagogy. 

All applicants must have visa clearance to work in the United States.