Thursday, March 7, 2013

TT at Contra Costa College

Division: Natural, Social and Applied Sciences
Contra Costa College
Last Day to Apply: March 29, 2013 by 5:00 p.m.


Contra Costa College, located in San Pablo, California is accepting applications for a full-time, tenure track Physics/Engineering Assistant Professor.

$54,576 to $82,128 depending on education and experience

Note: A collective bargaining agreement exists and membership in United Faculty or payment of a service fee is required.

BENEFITS Membership in State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)
District-paid benefits (employee contributes 6%) for employee and dependents/domestic partners include:

* Medical (Health Net or Kaiser) insurance including chiropractic
* Dental and vision
* Flexible spending (125) plan
* Life and long-term disability insurance
* Employee assistance program
* Deferred compensation (403b and 457)
* Sabbatical Leave

EMPLOYMENT BEGINS Fall 2013 (mid-August)


This is a full-time tenure track academic position in the Astronomy, Physics, Engineering and Geology department. This position has a 15-20 hour per week teaching assignment that will be divided between classroom and laboratory instruction. It will include teaching some lower division engineering courses, such as statics, material science or electrical engineering, and lower division physics courses. The successful applicant will also take on a leadership role in the engineering program, including outreach, curriculum development, articulation and marketing. The teaching assignment might also include teaching an established descriptive astronomy curriculum.


In addition to contractual duties, all faculty are expected to participate actively in their disciplines, departmental activities, and the general intellectual life and governance of the college. Part of the teaching assignment may be in the evening and/or online. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. the advancement of student learning through dedicated, exemplary instruction in accordance with established course outlines;
2. participation in the development of revision of the curriculum and program reviews;
3. participation in department and college committees;
4. participation in professional development activities;
5. maintenance of current knowledge in the subject matter area and effective teaching/learning strategies;
6. maintenance of appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics;
7. provide classroom instruction in accordance with approved course outlines;
8. prepare and grade class assignments and examinations and inform students of their academic progress;
9. inform students of course requirements, evaluation procedures and attendance
10. maintain attendance, scholastic, and personnel records and submit them according to published deadlines;
11. post and maintain adequate and regular office hours in accordance with prevailing policy;
12. participate in department staff development and program improvement initiatives;
13. participate in the college’s shared governance process, curriculum development and related instruction areas.


The applicant must possess one the following qualifications (earned degrees must be from an accredited college/university):

1. A Master’s Degree or higher in engineering with a Bachelor’s Degree in physics OR
2. A Master’s Degree or higher in physics with a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering OR
3. A valid California Community College Instructor Credential with authorization to teach physics and engineering OR
4. The equivalent. (If you are applying for equivalency, please complete the equivalency form at the end of the job application.


Specifically for the position:

1. Professional or graduate research experience in engineering.
2. College teaching experience, preferably lower division, in physics, material science,
statics and descriptive astronomy.
3. An awareness of Physics Education Research (PER).
4. A desire to mentor and work with students on projects.
5. Ability to work with high school students and coordinate high school outreach efforts.
6. An interest in connecting CTE (Career Technical Education) and engineering programs.


1. Ability to connect personally with students and to build a classroom environment that supports students emotionally as well as intellectually.
2. Ability and willingness to work productively with a diverse group of colleagues in
committees, the Astronomy, Physics, Engineering and Geology Department, and the college.
3. Demonstrated sensitivity to, and ability to work with, diverse racial, ethnic, gender,
disabled and cultural populations.
4. Ability and willingness to modify personal teaching style based on current research in effective teaching strategies.
5. Ability to lead and willingness to support program improvement through collaborative assessment of student learning, staff development, and curriculum development.
6. Ability and willingness to integrate new technology into the curriculum whenever and however it is advantageous.


1. Applications will be screened to ensure the applicant meets the minimum qualifications as stated in the job announcement.
2. A committee will screen the Supplemental Job Information Questionnaire and rate the applicants on desirable qualifications.
3. Those candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and possess the highest rating of desired job-related qualifications will be invited to the college at their own expense for an interview and teaching demonstration. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of April 14, 2013. Such an interview is a prerequisite to employment.
4. After completion of the above three steps, up to five (5) applicants will be invited to return for an interview with the College President or designee. Final interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of April 30, 2013.
5. The College President will make the final recommendation to the Governing Board of the Contra Costa Community College District.


Last day to apply: March 29, 2013 by 5:00 p.m.

Vice President’s Office
Contra Costa College
2600 Mission Bell Drive
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 235-7800 ext. 4217



A complete application packet consists of:

* Contra Costa Community College District Application for Employment – Academic [Applications, supplemental job information questionnaires, and information may be obtained at, “Career Opportunities,” or by calling (510) 235-7800 ext 1162.]
* Supplemental Questionnaire Answers
* Resume
* Copy of college transcript(s) for screening purposes
* Equivalency form (master’s degree equivalency form can be found at the end of the job announcement) and supporting documentation (if qualifying under #4 of Minimum

The submission of a complete application packet is the responsibility of the applicant.
Incomplete or late packets will not be accepted.


Contra Costa College is a dynamic comprehensive community college with a diverse student population. The institution has served the communities of West Contra Costa County for more than 60 years. Most of the 7,000-plus students who attend the college come from local communities, but many also come from neighboring communities and from countries throughout the world. The college offers certificates and degree programs in 70 areas. It prepares students for immediate employment and for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Faculty and staff are proud to be affiliated with an institution that has a tradition of excellence and a reputation of educating students to live and work in a diverse global environment.

Reasons why this position is attractive…

* Is in an excellent recruiting area and district
* Contra Costa College promotes a diverse working environment with quality faculty and staff
* Encourages student academic success through the Academic Skills Center, Early Alert program, grade checks, and academic counseling
* Contra Costa College is continuing to build its tradition of excellence in its academic programs, leading to a high student transfer rate and the success of its students in their four-year college and university experiences
* Our Academic and Classified Senates are active in the effective shared governance process of the college

The Contra Costa Community College District is a Drug-Free work place. The District verifies that all new employees are either U.S. citizens or aliens authorized to work in the U.S., in conformance with the 1986 Immigration and Control Act.

Potential employees should be aware that smoking is prohibited in many areas of the District facilities.

In conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, requests for reasonable accommodation may be made to:
Director of Business Services (510) 235-7800 , ext. 42094